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Hi. I'm an edwin. 

Here's a few projects I'm proud to have creatively led:

Relaunched TAZO Tea by hosting a drag camp in the heart of Texas. Then wrote a guided meditation album with Wu-Tang’s RZA. 


Convinced New Yorkers to finally leave the office and WFH (work from hawai'i). 


Created the KFC Fire Log. (for which I am so, so sorry)


Helped Schick explore deep shave thoughts with Dope Queen Phoebe Robinson.


Turned a sentient ball of mucus into TikTok’s biggest ever brand campaign.


Utilized internet pioneers to test the limits of XFINITY's mobile technology. 

Submitted Russia's election meddling as the best digital campaign of the century. 


Partnered nuns with street artists to fight human trafficking (and got blessed by The Pope).


Used the Mandela Effect (and a splash of Star Wars) to spread news literacy. 

In my down time, I really like to write jingles. 

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