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The Easiest Quiz of All Time

News Literacy Project

If you correct a stranger on the street about a political belief, they will punch you in the face. If you correct a stranger on the street about a pop culture belief, they will thank you and immediately share this new knowledge with all their friends. So if you have to do the first one, it's better to lead with the second.


We used this insight, the Mandela Effect and Star Wars, to (carefully) correct strangers about mistaken beliefs in political mistruths and outright conspiracy theories. We did so for free and at risk of being punched, on behalf of The News Literacy Project, an essential nonprofit organization dedicated to helping school children tell the difference between fact and fiction in news on their social feeds (which well...isn't getting easier, so please consider donating). People liked our quiz so much we ended up getting a 45-minute long segment on C-Span about it. And if I'm being honest, that was also when I learned C-Span has segments.

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