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About me. 

I'm a human-first, craft-obsessed writer and thinker.


I was born in New York, then lived and worked in nine cities across three continents, before finally ending up where I started. I've worked at very small (employee #5) and very big (office #61) orgs, as well as at very traditional and very I'm-not-sure-there's-a-word-in-English-for-this creative agencies. As a result, I have a pretty even mix of experience crafting both traditional/branding and earned/emerging platform marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. I've also had the luck of working with brilliant teams and winning a range of awards off their talents, including Cannes, One Show, Sabres, Effies, Webbies and Shorties. But find the trophy fees outlandish (so they're yours if you can pay them.)


This next bit could get awkward, please be cool, but I am on the autistic spectrum. As a result, I exist in a near constant state of "Resting Stoic Face", but am otherwise quite friendly. I (selfishly) believe strongly in promoting neurodiversity within our industry (well, all industries, but especially creative). I've found from working with many others, that neurodiverse minds see the world in creative, strange, beautiful ways that lead to the fresh and bold ideas that we as creatives seek to uncover. Also, no one gets more obsessive and excited about even the most mundane products. So genuinely, it's win/win.

If you want to chat further, you can email me here (

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