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Cloud Atlas:

Six Soul Campaign

To help launch the film Cloud Atlas, we created a six-month transmedia campaign to inform outside viewers about the many worlds Cloud Atlas inhabits. The campaign lived digitally on a ever-changing Six Soul website, while using live events at Bonnaroo, Rockefeller Plaza and Comic-con to drive awareness for the campaign.

Tommy Bahama:

The Bahama Bomb

Tommy Bahama faced a major image problem in bringing their brand to the digital space. While they have a loyal following, non-Bahama aficionados often hate their flowery apparel and actively mock the brand.

The solution? Start getting people to think about the brand in a new, funner way by allowing them to playfully wreck their friend's Facebook page with a "Bahama Bomb".


One of the ongoing problems with social cause initiatives is that while it is easy to spread awareness for a cause through social media sites, that awareness rarely often actualizes into monetary donations. Worse, too much activity can lead to awareness-fatigue where otherwise willing participants become disenfranchised with the cause.

However, what if we could monetize awareness itself? Through corporate donations for every Facebook Like or Twitter Follow, in addition to private users donating their monetized YouTube Channels, Slacktivism set out do exactly that.

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