Kayak.com: Kayak Lounge

Problem: Airports

Since its launch, the travel site Kayak.com has continued to provide travel booking innovations to customers making vacation planning as simple and painless as possible, helping Kayak.com to deliver on their promise of "one and done" search. However, no matter how many additions and refinements they make to their algorithms and feature-set, one problem continues to plague the travel experience that can't be solved from a website: airports are miserable.

Solution: The Kayak Lounge

A brand extension where Kayak.com brings dignity back to travelers through a travel lounge with unique physical and digital comforts.

The interior of the lounge includes amenities such as free wifi, power outlets in every seat, fresh food, free bar, storage lockers, yoga area, and a sunroom for much needed Vitamin D. The Kayak Lounge mobile site allows guests to stream movies and music, browse ebooks, order food from the concourse to the lounge, and keep track of their trip itinerary.

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To promote the lounge, we created a full print campaign, radio spots and a flash game based on choose-your-own-adventure stories.


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