Silent Circle

From Assange to Snowden, Home Depot to Ashley Madison, few recent issues have loomed larger than data privacy. Most people know they need to be concerned, but have no idea what they can do to protect themselves.


Enter Silent Circle: An unknown privacy company that just built Blackphone, the world's most secure smartphone, but needed to find a way to get attention in an incredibly oversaturated market.



We started with a single video focusing on app permissions. Which ended up on almost every tech site on the web.

 (Among others, the video got coverage from The Verge, Gizmodo, Devour, and The Daily Mirror.)

Then we worked with the best tech reporters at The Guardian to examine the current climate of data privacy. The result, I got to fulfill a dream and co-write a 5-part investigative documentary series with Aleks Krotoski that dives into the many sides of modern privacy. 

To connect with the enterprises actually being hacked, we created an ongoing poster series released on social media with simple tips to keep your company secure even without a Blackphone.

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