Product Extension (Chapter)


Google Creative Labs came to us with an interesting problem: What could we do to make Google Maps better for expats? 


An interesting question that led us down the road of auto populated suggestions. Google currently uses general ratings, location and price to create recommendations. One thing we realized they don't do, is filter the results based on how people from your home country or city enjoyed it. Because as a New Yorker, when I look for pizza in a new city, I want to know what other NYers loved, not the entire world.


Which led to Scout.

Scout starts by figuring out where you're from.

Explains how Scout works.

Then opens on five suggestions for a traveler tailored to their home city.

After visiting a location, you can agree or disagree with the suggestion. And leave specifics about what makes it like home.

If you have a favorite spot at home, Scout can tell you the closest equivalent in the new city. Or if it's a hometown holiday, it'll tell you where you can celebrate properly.

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