Project Meddle (Awards)

Whether we like it or not, Russia created one of the best advertising campaigns of all time. And while everyone has heard about the election meddling, very few people are aware of the exact tactics they used.


To bring attention to their insane (they tried to start race riots with Pokemon Go), but effective methods, a small group of us decided to enter their campaign into every major ad show. Here's the case study:

Here's the site where we break down their tactics in detail: 

The industry reacted quickly. We were invited to host a panel at One Show: Video's about halfway down the page

Were awarded One Show Best in Discipline (before being disqualified for no paying client), a Webby for People's Choice, and a lot of press pickup (including my first and probably last appearance in The New Yorker):

New Yorker

Fast Company


Tech Crunch

Even in the Russian ad trades

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