Here's all my favorite creations thrown together sloppily on a single page.

Handy for the recruiter/CD who doesn't even have time to get lunch.

Is this JiNGLE the best thing I've ever written? No.  Is it the stupidest? Yes.





















































































From Stream TV. I fought really hard for the "Detached Garage" joke. 

Camp TAZO is my favorite thing I ever worked on.

And as a result I now know far more about running a summer camp than I ever imagined.

As a professional, I was deeply impressed by the tactics used by RUSSIA to influence our democracy.

As a human, I was beyond mortified and wanted to help prevent it from happening again.

It's cheating I know, but this Hawai'i campaign is probably the prettiest thing I ever worked on.

I've been very lucky to get to work with a lot of amazing Cause and Non-Profit organizations.

What they often lack in money. They make up for by letting you pitch very crazy, earned-centric ideas.

Super nerdy, but for Silent Circle I got to create and co-write a 5-part documentary series on digital privacy with tech genius Aleks Krotoski.

From XFINITY Mobile. We got to create ads that felt at home with how beautifully weird the internet can be.

This is the first thing I ever made that went viral without any paid behind it. Which is good, because that's kinda what we promised the client would happen.

During one crazy sprint, my partner and I concepted and created 40 gifs in a month.

This one isn't very copy-heavy, but it's still my favorite.

Everyday on Instagram I post these Daily Thoughts.

This was the first thing I ever made. We concepted, sketched and sold this to client in under 12 hours.

Don't ask how, but in college I got a box of 500 free Trojan condoms. We decided to use them to make Greeting Cards for people that shouldn't reproduce.

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