Who's this Edwin Poché no one keeps talking about?

I am! And I understand better than most that hiring an Edwin Poché is not to be taken lightly. A good relationship is built around trust and I don't want you thinking I'm hiding something from you. Here's some common questions I've received, but if you have any others my inbox is always open to you. 

You live in Richmond. We are in Not Richmond. Problem?

Depends whose asking. During the past five years I've had the distinct pleasures of living in Auckland, Bangkok, Baltimore and DC. So, while I never take relocation lightly (futons don't grow on trees), if the fit is right I'm always happy to explore new locales. 

Have previous employers found your handsomeness too distracting for fellow employees?

No! Outside of the occasional holiday office party, my rugged cut jaw or piercing blues have rarely caused problems in the workplace. If this is a large worry however, many of my former employers are happy to provide references to quell such concerns.

Can we feed you after midnight?


Yes. However, it is in everyone's best interest to avoid exposing me to bright lights or getting me wet in the work place.

Do you have a sheet of paper (pdf) listing your many awards and/or feats of strength?

Of coure, I do. If you'd like a copy my résumé just send an email request on the contact page and I'll be happy to send a copy over to you. However, if you want immediate gratification with an up-to-date listing of my previous work, technical skills and the such, I recommend you visit my LinkedIn page. 

We're weary about buying, are Edwin Pochés available for rent?

If you've got a short-term project in mind, I'm always happy to offer my services for barter. 

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