Cloud Atlas: Six Soul Campaign

Problem: Awareness

The film Cloud Atlas had everything you could want in a tentpole blockbuster film: Oscar-nominated, A-list actors; a team of directors whose last franchise grossed $1.6 billion worldwide; and a special effects budget large enough to raise the Titanic. However, early polls showed that many movie goers were unaware that the film was coming out. Worse, those that were aware of the film's existence were confused by the film's trailers as to what the film was about and whether it appealed to their interests.

Solution: The Six Soul Transmedia Campaign

A six-month ARG that introduced users to the Cloud Atlas universe through an interactive story-telling experience that took place across centuries and continents.

I'm an Edwin. This is my website. 

I love technology. I love storytelling. I love when the two meet in a half-lit bodega as their hands brush over the same bag of flour, then go home together to create something beautiful. 

My work is an (oftentimes confusing) exploration of what happens when those two meet. I welcome you to browse this website and see some of the projects I've worked on, as well as a few trinkets of how I spend my spare time. If you like anything you see, get in touch and we can talk about making something beautiful and misunderstood together.



Me: Creative Technologist

Frank Guzzone: Art Direction

Demian Kendall: Copywriter

Liam Schaefer: Communication Strategist

C.J. Milhoan: Creative Brand Manager

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